CYFM-900/1100D Thremal Laminating Machine


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CYFM-900/1100D Thremal Laminating Machine

1.Outsize heat pressare rollers.
2.Energy saving, space saving,
3.Heat pipe installed in the heat roller,, and filled with heat-conductive oil to make temperature wuiformity, stability.
4.Hot-pressing in front of roller can organize with preheating function.

CYFM-1100D themnal laminating machine with advanced design, compact structure and convenience of using, high work pressure, fast of heating, low noise, smooth operation, VWF,which have avoided snowflakes points and fog spots, reduced the loss rate of Products, thus improved work efficiency. In condusion,dry hot-press laminating machine is indispensable to modern printing&packagfng industry, The machine is made of thermal BOPP film material, can be widely used for boxes,food boxes, books, drawings, documents,etc.After laminating,the products will be water proof,durable,and Stereoscopic.

Main technical parameters

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