CYSG-1200B UV Coating Machine( ONE Coater)


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CYSG-1200B UV Coating Machine( ONE Coater)

1.Stream Feeder

-Suction head with vacuum pump suction system requires no lubricant of oil.
-The feeder can be adjusted while running.
-Double sheet detector

2.UV Coating Unit

-UV coating unit,equipped with high sensitivity wind-knife system, suitable for glazing of thick and thin paper.
-Micro-adjustment for even smearing and control of material usage, makes the paper smooth and glossy.

3.l.r- Drying Conveyor

-Infrared drying equipment.
-Cooling fan system,
-Fit for drying job after the smearing of water or soluble.

This machine is a kind of high-and new-tech product integrating light machinery and electricity with pneumatic which can be used for both thick and thin paper, realizes whole-course automation and adopts belt conveying with high speed and high efficiency, The mechanical speed adopts variable frequency step 
less speed regulation and max.Speed is 60 m/min.This machine has independent space for every working station and it can be assemble bases the client request,so it is suitable for being used in large printing enterprise.

Main technical parameters

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